Cherry Tomatoes

Sun Sugar for Post

Sun Sugar (Hybrid)
Sun Sugar was named by Sunset magazine as the best tasting tomato in their trials for its sweetness and rich tomato flavor that includes just the right amount of tartness. My three-year-old granddaughter eats them like they were candy. The tomatoes are small but the plants are indeterminate and grow very large so they need support, such as a tall cage. Everyone should plant just one of these each year.

75 Days. Indeterminate.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Sugar Drops

Sugar Drops (Open Polinated)

This is an heirloom I found in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It produces lots of yellow cherry tomatoes about ¾ to 1 inch in diameter.  Very sweet.

80 Days. Indeterminate.



Matt's Wild Cherry

Matt”s Wild Cherry (Mexican Heirloom)

Matt’s Wild Cherry is an heirloom tomato ostensibly based on the original wild tomato plants, acquired by a friend of Doctor Matt Liebman in Hidalgo, Mexico.  These small, 5 gm., cherry tomatoes are deep red, have a tender, smooth texture, and sweet, full flavor. High sugar content. Fantastic in salsa and for fresh eating. 

75 Days.  Indeterminate.

– – – – – – – – – –

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Cherry (Hybrid) 
With a subtle smokiness that all dark tomatoes have, this hybrid cherry tomato rivals the Sun Sugar in taste and beauty. They can be picked ripe off the vine or harvested a couple of days early and left to ripen indoors. They share that rich flavor that all black tomatoes have.

80 Days. Indeterminate


Black Cherry

Black Cherry (Heirloom)

Beautiful black cherries look like large, dusky purple-brown grapes; they have that rich flavor that makes black tomatoes famous. Large vines yield very well.

75 Days.  Indeterminate.



Chocolate Pear Tomato (Heirloom) 

Expect huge crops of “black,” pear-shaped tomatoes over a very long season. Light red in color, overlaid with swirls of varying hues of green or brown.

80 Days.  Indeterminate



Ambrosia Large (Open pollinated)

I found this beauty at the Farmers Market in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  It’s a 1/14 inch dark small tomato.  It is a wonderful tomato for salads.   It taste great too.

80 Days. Indeterminate


Green Grape

Green Grape (Heirloom) 
Sister to “Green Zebra”, the flavor may be even better… Rich, sweet and zingy. The fruit are lime-green inside and have chartreuse-yellow skins. They are about the size of a large grape, perfect for salads and snacking. Makes most red cherries taste bland in comparison.  A favorite heirloom of farmers markets and restaurants, thanks to its unique tart flavor and attractive presentation. Originally created by crossing Yellow Pear with Evergreen, Green Grape produces clusters of 6-8 yellow-green 1″ fruits. The soft, fleshy fruit has a delicious yet unusual sweet flavor.
Green Grape tomatoes remain green. They turn a little yellowish when they get ripe. We sold out of them every time we featured them at the Promenade. They are delicious just eaten straight from the vine.

80 days.  Indeterminate.



Green Doctors (Open pollinated)

Named after Dr. Amy Goldman who wrote a great heirloom tomato book.  It is yellowish-lime green fruited and very sweet.

75 Days.  Indeterimnate


Orange Rossoullini

Orange Roussollini (Heirloom)

All the way from Italy, a family heirloom. Grows in a very lush bushy plant, with so many fruits per plant!

75 Days.  Indeterminate


Red Robin

Red Robin (Heirloom)

Red Robin is truly a miniature. You can grow this dwarf in a 6-inch flowerpot, or let it share a hanging basket with a couple of other plants. Dot it along a window box for a huge crop of cherry tomatoes.

75 Days. Determinate.

Juilet F1 Tomato

Juliet  (Hybrid)
60 days.  Deep red, shiny fruits avg. 2-2 1/4″ L x 1 3/8-1 1/2″ W, weighing 1 1/2-2 oz. Typically 12-18 fruits per cluster. Delicious, rich tomato flavor for salads, great salsa, and fresh pasta sauce. Good crack resistance, vine storage, and shelf life. Intermediate resistance to early blight. AAS winner. Indeterminate. (

75 Days. Indeterminate.


Amish Gold Tomato

Amish Gold Hybrid (Heirloom)
Cross between Amish Paste and Sungold. Regular-leaf tomato plants that yield HUGE crops of 1 1/2″-2″ long, oblong shaped, gorgeous golden tomatoes with sharply-pointed end. Fruit has the gold color and flavor of the Sungold, the meatiness of the Amish Paste and delicious sweet/tart tomato flavors that will have you want this as a favorite tomato in your garden.

75 Days.  Indeterminate



Rapunzel (Hybrid)
Named for the fairy tale character, plants produce unique, long cascading trusses with up to 40 fruits. Very flavorful, bright red 3/4 to 1 ounce cherry tomatoes make the perfect addition to salads and veggie trays. 

75 Days.  Indeterminate.


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